Take more Tren by controlling your histamine response

Do I have your attention?

So I’ve recently come across some data that really kind of blew my mind in its simplicity.

It’s being shared here, with permission from the original author. we have spoken personally, and he supports the info being shared.

I’m gonna pull over his write up, so I don’t fuck it up with my words. I can’t attach his original PDF with hyperlinks so it will be a screenshot.

This is about tren, the histamine response to elevated androgens, and how to mitigate it. I realized I’m not on tren but this sound an awful lot like the shit I’m struggling with just from having elevated androgens. The body throws a histamine response to a lot, estrogen swings being one of them. Followed his protocol and my sleep has been night and day improved. Symptoms are clearing up. I feel better. Here we go:

For years we have been plagued with what many believed to be the non-negotiable side effects of using Tren.

The reality is that many of the side effects that individuals experience from Tren are simply the result of irritated mast cells within our body.

This happens as a response to the increased androgen levels from Tren. Once mast cells become irritated they release excess histamine into the body that is not able to be metabolized.

This excess of histamine leads to the issues that many experience from Tren.

Instead of writing a long post here I have attached an article that I have written (with citations) that discusses the role of histamine in the body for those interested.

Sometimes I forget that the things I do in real life also apply to bodybuilding as well.

Enjoy and happy Tren season!

The symptoms:
Heart burn, GERD, insomnia, digestive issues, brain fog, respiratory issues, night sweats, etc

His recommendation, and belief is it has to be a two fold approach: block histamines, calm the mast cell response.

  1. Anti-histamine. Preferably Zyrtec or Claritin or a second gen anti-histamine (Prolonged Benadryl use has link to Alzheimer’s)

He has no affiliation with these two products but this is what he recommends taking at bedtime:

Nature’s Sunshine HistaBlock 90… Amazon.com

Seeking Health Histamine Digest -… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EOBH8KG?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

I cannot express enough how significantly this has impacted me positively, and I don’t use tren.

@TG and @Dirtnasty peace be with you and enjoy your tren.


I’ll definitely give this a shot when I get back on. I recently noticed taking zyrtec or Claritin (I’m going back and forth on both now) has an impact in making me feel better then when I wasn’t taking it.


You got my attention with that


Definitely a very big impact. I think between night shift, elevated androgens, and getting older I probably had a back up of these mast cells and needed to clear em out!

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Well I’ll give this a shot.


Increase DAO as tren dose goes up with Meals. One pill at a a time. Also magnesium will welp regulate dopamine spikes through the night which tren and cause.