Just F*#$in Do It

Everything that I think is wrong, it appears it can get worse. I just never was a big gratitude guy, always measuring myself to others imatation of life. Each of us has to put our head on the pillow and hopefully without regrets or disdain for our fellow persons. Stay tuned…I’m getting off the bike and gonna train, keep it fun. @poppy, NeuroRN, TG, the new sponsors all this week as I read shit but I didn’t know how to workout. Ahhh, my job sucks…but I do ok for a meathead. I think I finally remembered my age for ME. 54? I finally accepted I’m not gonna turn pro in some sport or ninja show!!!. I was in the ED at a top or I thought was because I fell again walking the (sorry,best friend ever) DOG! I felt the ED would at worst get me a referral and maybe say what you have is PAD, nerve impingement, just something. Most can guess how that went. No DVT, my simple bloods are still good
No shitty neuro checks, nothing. No doctor just " can you walk for me?’


This sounds correct for the ED nowadays.


I asked , kinda of pissed because as I told her, I never do, I’m a RN and I would like to speak with the Doc, PA, Cna, ND whoever might be acting as a provider today, I was escorted out by 4 police officers. She didn’t believe me and gave me an oral Certification exam. I mean, yes I raised my voice because I was there 7 hours and dx with FALL
…fall. I’m happy I experienced that because when I asked the officer if this was the same side of the hospital I entered, he got huffy and raised his voice, it is but you can follow the signs!! It finally showed me we are at a weird place, everyone is at a "breaking point’ I have been stretching, a couple functional things and I’m going to my cardiologist in a month. I think it’s varicose veins maybe just not enough blood. I have a crazy TMS machine that my friend used on his legs when he lost use of his legs in a SCI. Whatever, now I’m definitely more aware that for every me there’s 100 more crazier fucks out there.