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Hello friends and family,

Neuro here. Acting like I’m going to run a log. Again.

Goals: add some mass back on my legs, regain functional mobility everywhere, increase cardiovascular output, stay lean, stay mean, and stay sexy.

Rationale: My personal combo that I like
To call kettle building. Some days bb style movements and training first, generally followed up by some kettle bell movements that focus the same but core, stability, and mobility focused. Some days heavy KB work first, followed by bb style hypertophy. (bear with me, I’m winging it)

Juice: test e 420, primo 367.5 (175mg/ml primo don’t ask me math questions), npp 200 will adjust accordingly. Proviron. 2iu of Hgh before sleep. (Not always night time so I’m interested if that affects things)

My 240lb+ days are behind me. I’m not interested in scanning every scrap of food that goes in my mouth. And I won’t live and die by my time in the gym. I want to look good, but more importantly I want to feel good. I feel like getting up to as big as I was (255lb peak) I lost my ability to move well. I previously stated I was taking the poppy approach of train / rest when/what feels right. But basically I was just lazy and trained very little.

So. This is me trying to find a middle ground. Something I’m notoriously bad at. I’m either all in, or not at all. I’m striving for balance.

Will update on daily supps at some point this weekend.

@Poppy feel free to tell me to stop avoiding my log.


I think this is right:


Glutathione inj
Tumeric Complex
Alpha GPC
Mind Honey(Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga, L-Theanine, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, DMAE Bitartrate, Bacopa Monnieri, B3 & B6, 100mg caffeine)

Night time:

Dr. Ohhiras professional probiotic
Histablock (nettle leaf, quecertin, bromelian)
Magnesium Threonate


Sounds great. Looking forward to your training progression. Other folks logs are my absolute favorite part of this forum.

Will do hahaha


How much coq10?

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Ha ha yup, Lean and Mean.


Bro you can run 400 mgs of test without an ai?

And thanks for running a log. I’m looking forward to following

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I usually go up to 750 before issues happen I’m going 12.5 xtane e4d sometimes 5 on 1400


100mg, I use Qunol brand


Yeah, for starters I’m a naturally a very lean guy. Higher body fat generally leads to higher aromatizing.

For some people primo has a metabolite that lowers e2. I’m not sure if I’m one of those ppl bc I’ve been running test with mast for a long time now. So I guess we will find out.


This is that part where I say “I hate you”…. But I had my time in the sun. I can’t hold that against you hahaha


:joy::joy::joy: genetics are one helluva drug.


Super Freak Flirting GIF by Rick James

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You beat me to the I hate you neuro

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It’s just an opposite struggle, to be honest. I started at 185 lbs. peaked at 255. I logged every single food, drink, snack, and even supplement for years. I had to eat obscene amounts of food. My macros ranged from 250-275 protein, 700-900 carbs, 125-175 of fat. For a long time.


I was about the same way in my 30’s… 40’s I leveled out… like I said I had my time. Tag you’re it.

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Workday eating generally looks like this:

Egg whites, overnight oats, water, and whole milk for breakfast.

Protein shake with carb powder right before I’m out the door.

Large salad around 10 (keep the gut happy)

Steak or chicken with rice or potatoes

Greek yogurt and overnight oats

Eggs and toast and an ice cream sandwich before bed.


I forgot how good a little bit of nandrolone feels on the ole joints.

Slept really well this weekend during work, so I haven’t been up early enough to train. Which is A-okay with me.


Agreed… good sleep trumps everything

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Well forgot to set an alarm. Slept until almost 5pm. So sleep tonight should be interesting.

Upper body:

Hip mobility, T spine mobility, KB kneeling/ Lunge twists for loaded mobility stability.

KB plank row 4x 5 each side (light, slow controlled)
single arm kneeling pull down 12, 12, 10
Narrow Pulldown 15,13,8
KB piston Row 20,16,10
KB Gorilla Row 8,8,4

KB single arm bench bridge 10,10,8
Incline hammer strength bench 15,13,11
Overhead tri extension 12,12,12
Single arm extension 8,8,8

Preacher curl 15,12,8
KB hammer curl 8,8,6,4


Breakfast was egg whites and eggs. Bagel. OJ. Coffee. Water.

Training lower today. As suspected sleep was poor after sleeping so late yesterday after work. Only thing to do is make myself tired at the gym.

Finally getting warm here. Want to hang out by the pool but afraid to start a fight with the neighborhood moms. Jk jk just glad the sun is shining.