PHILL - PuritySourceLabs Athlete Diary Log

P.S.L. or dedicated sponsor category.
Hi all,

I’m Phill, I’m a PuritySourceLabs sponsored athlete.
In PSL team for several years now (5+ years).

I “work” with Vision that has said nothing but great things about this community and the admin.
So I’m honored to bring my daily log here too and I’m sure I’ll find in you a great place to discuss, learn and grow.

Since I got to know PSL and Euro-Pharmacies products, I have never looked back. To date I use only and exclusively this brand.

I’ve tried different brands over the years, ups and downs, I still haven’t found someone worthy of EP products.

I have tried and I have direct experience with every single product on sale and never had any problems with any of them, not even the highly concentrated ones.
Besides the fact that EP supplies hard-to-find products like DHB, Stenbolone, injectable Clenbuterol, and many more.

The results?
For me and my very scarce genetics I would say astounding, but I’ll leave the final judgment to you.

I’m 38
weight 165-180 depending on the season cut/bulk
yes, I know, I’m light… I have hollow bones like birds, and like them… I can fly

Personally I carry on my daily log with nutrition, training, “integration” and sometimes what can happen in life worthy of being shared.
I place regular bloodworks as evidence and testimony of what I take and also to keep track of myself.

Although I’m now on a small cruise until September, in the next few days I’ll start posting my current cycle, diet, etc.
maybe some pics from the last few months.

The new bulk plan for next winter will then follow shortly.

Lastly, but very important, as mentioned I’m affiliated with Purity Source Labs, therefore, I am also here to help you with anything you need.
Just contact me in PM, I’m always very active and responsive.
If I can’t give you a direct answer, I will point you in the right direction, but I will never leave you alone.

…see you soon good guys with all the remaining details.


So are you their Rep?

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And whose Vision?

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YES, I’m a PSL Rep

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Would you like Rep tag?

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I think it can help, Thanks|


Ok…another guy just joined here,says he’s a Sponsored athlete,and immediately started talking about PSL…kinda odd been this forum awhile and never seen two people join and almost immediately talking bout a sponsor,it feels weird, what I’m saying is,it usually takes a bit of time for someone to earn their credibility so their words don’t mean as much in the beginning til we get to know you two.


How does that look? Or do you want PSL spelled all the way out?

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Absolutely, without a doubt, we are here with a clear purpose.

PSL is an approved source and held valid and recognized status on this forum.
We are thrilled to announce that we are now fully active again. As devoted PSL athletes and representatives, our primary goal is to provide first-rate service to our valued customers and to engage anyone interested in working with us.

We don’t want to get anything for free; this is just our presentation. We will build our credibility and reputation day by day.


Vision was their old rep that was here years back. They came back. Im waiting on the info for mass announcement. Their reps and team are just faster then us that are putting info out


This is actually thier old category back since 2018 lol



And welcome

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Welcome to the community @Phill
There is a great group of guys here


some very recent photos

last td





Looking great as always brother :muscle:

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Look great!

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day off, just long walks today

morning, 4:30, meal prep

in the shaker, to start the day, lemon and a grapefruit
in the pots:

  • rice being cooked with 2 cloves of garlic, 2 baby carrots and a zucchini
    -in the last 500 gr of egg white

7 o’clock in the morning, I have already walked 5000 steps.
get up and walk


You got me beat :joy:

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on cruise
planning for the future