Question About RBC On Labs

My recently posted labs shows my RBC a bit out of range on the high side. I donated a pint and 6 large vials at RC 2:00 pm Friday afternoon and was having fasted labs at 8:00 am Saturday morning approximately 18 hours later.

Any reason my RBC is still high?

@Neuro @rnmuscle or anyone else



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This is why I’ve long stood by the stance that donation isn’t helpful unless your CBC lab panel is all critically and dangerously high.

It’s a compensatory response to bring your overall fluid volume status in your body back to normal. The loss of blood signals the need for rapid and large scale erythropoiesis. Which caused your RBC to come back high. If your were to check again 48 hours after this it would most likely be exactly normal/where it was before you donated.

Donating for sake of donating is still a good thing. We need blood badly. And constantly. But donating for the therapeutic blood letting isn’t really doing what we think it’s doing.


As always thank you. You’re still my favorite

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And yes…I’m O- so I figured it would help somebody.

Our local hospital labs will yank it from you for therapeutic reasons but they toss it so that just didn’t make sense to me.

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Formula: (Hct = 2.94 x Hgb)

Normal levels of hematocrit for men range from 40% to 54%.

Normal hemoglobin for men ranges from 13.5 to 17.5 g/dL

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Of course! You’re my favorite too. Don’t tell John. He will get jealous.

Oh. Yeah. I bet they would drain you dry if you let them. I’m O+ and I’m always swatting the blood banks away.


They clearly need to reread their mentors manifesto…as it is commonly known in order to separate one from their blood, a harem is the best tool. (Circa 2023 lap dance for your blood maybe!? )

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I laughed way to hard

Hahahahaha well played sir.

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