Thunder Log

For me

I think I’m just gonna post a pic of what I’m doing.

This is my stupid busy season so I’m gonna go to a company called clean eats for food and macros

Just did cardio today but did it after a long day on my feet and putting in the work.

Need one of those smart watches so I can track my steps during the day .
If anyone has one that they like and is functional please lmk.
Not on anything right now. Had a health scare a couple months ago with some labs that came back a lil elevated.
Looking for kidney cleanse recommendations
Liver cleanse
Per neuro I’m will be shipping in some glutathione very soon.
That’s about all
Any and all input is appreciated


My phone tracks steps




Glutathione, Telmisartan, water water water.


Yep it’s in health app aka the heart



Especially the water!!! Hardly anyone gets enough water… me included. I have to be very mindful…


I’m on it coach!


Per @Neuro ….

I’ve been on telmisartan for a while now and it has leveled out my renal markers.

Per my daughter (who runs a nephrology research facility) … “yep dad… you should be on that”

Ask your doctor… it’s relatively harmless (zero sides) and relatively cheap. It’s one of the cheapest meds I’m on.



Soooo… you’re keeping a log now?

I like it!

What are your near term (3-6 months) goals and your long term (12 months and beyond) goals?

I have found that posting at least daily keeps me extremely focused. I don’t log anything anywhere else (books/computers etc) so this is it. If @TG shuts down, I’m going to have to go back old school and sharpen my pencil.


I am.
I said to myself if Poppy can do it so can I… :joy:
I just want to document myself and share with whoever that I’m worth taking care of correctly and with December being the big 50 , it’s time.
I’m single again so It’s time to take care of me and document that journey.
This week goals are to figure out how many work steps I’m getting a day and those calories burned.
Then, catch up to clean eats and grab a couple days worth of meals and see how that goes. The cool thing with that is they have the macros already figured out so I can easily report them.

With this being said and what I’ve been through this last year it’s also a push towards mental health. I’ve been majorly depressed so this and everything that goes with it is to help me feel better about, well, everything. I’m tired of running home after work to eat shit food and lay in my bed watching shit shows trying to knock myself out with boredom.

Right now it’s m weighing around 360 my goal weight is 275 or less I just don’t know what’s possible with my frame but I’m willing to put in the work, for me


Gym stuff?

Do you have any weight training scheduled in?

Everyone is different… once you break the code for yourself than the sky is the limit.


I start almost every morning my chugging a bottle of water with my morning meds.


This sounds good @Thunder being accountable to the log/forum is a big help for me personally.


I dont like to suggest things that i personally wont do,but cardio sounds pretty important for you.and of course a clean diet.


I do.
My goal is to get to the gym 4 days a week.
Those days will consist of 45 minutes to an hour of cardio and a push/pull rotation focusing on 15 to 20 reps per set. 4 sets a movement using mostly machines. I’m not looking to get stronger I’m looking for the burn…. Lol


I appreciate your suggestions brotha!


My diet needs a lot of work to get back on track,im eating not as healthy as i should,nor am i eating enough.


Get a Garmin. Really accurate to measure them. You can also get a walking pad for home that’s not too expensive and doesn’t take up much room. Will help you get in that extra when not enough time to get out.

Theyre not meant to run just fast walking at max. Im using mine when I need to stay in cause daughter doesn’t want to get out for whatever reason.

This is the garmin I use.

There maybe a better garmin out there for your needs. I just got this one since my neighbor is one of those triathlete guys and swears only by garmin and has had several and uses this. My wife has a different model that’s touchscreen but I like the buttons more old school.

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Lunch… lol

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I would go with a bigger protein lunch also something more filling with less calories to combat hunger