And away we go.

JJ (@johnjuanb1) came up with the title. I asked for suggestions and told him being’s Platinum is willing to trade hgh for a log, they could name it. Platinum and JJ said I could name it whatever I wanted to. JJ came up with this one off the cuff and I like it.

Beginning stats:

62 years and 7 months old. Been training for about 50 years.

5 foot 10 inches after chiropractor but I’ve pretty much shrunk an inch to 5’9” probably for good.

Goal is to maintain a body weight below 190lbs. I’ve been struggling for sure. My body wants to get to ~210 but my blood sugar problems dictates my diet as sucky as it is. I’ve been 188-189 for most of this year.

I’m running straight up Platinum gear for the next several months for this log.

Daily meds are:

Telmisarten 20mg

Glimepiride 4mg

Jardience 25mg


Ozempic 2mgs (I use this in waves every 7-9 days 1-2 mgs) by far the most potent meds I’ve ever used.

Test cyp 200-300 mgs split e3-4 days

Mast E 200-300 mgs split e3-4 days

Cialis 25mgs pwo 3-4 days

Tbol 25-50 mgs pwo 3-4 days

Glutathione 200-300mgs split e3-4d

Doing a ppl split with undulating reps/sets/intensity. No particular days of the week. I take extra days if I need/want to or train 2 in a row. Very seldom do I train 3 days in a row.

More to come.


I very well could bump my test and mast up a bit but I’m not going to until I get this hgh thing going. I do not want to change/add more than one variable at a time.

Some folks operate great with high T…I do not. At this time in my life, if my T gets too far over 1K, I just don’t feel so hot. Maybe the mast will help.


That Mast will definitely keep the Test peaking. I had to lower my Test when running the blend with Mast. I look forward to your logs sir.


Good to know. I will take that advice. I kinda suspected it. I’ve been a proviron baby for so long haha.


I’ve been a big fan of proviron but I feel like the Mast worked a little bit better. I’d compare 400mg of Mast per week to about 100mg proviron per day.


Excited for this log!


My diet rarely goes over 2k calories a day. Protein is usually right at 190ish… carbs swing a bit from 100-150. High end being on the weekends or an event. Fats generally stay at or below 75 a day.

A bit of advice… when your doctor warns you about your blood sugar… don’t be like me… pay attention. I had about a 5 year run up to diabetes. I didn’t pay my doc no rabbit ass mind…


Same here… i loved prov. Still do. Just time to try something different.


Can’t wait to hear what you think about it sir


To be very honest. Speaking offline with my number one son @Neuro … we/me/I’m not expecting miracles.

I turn 63 in 5 months and still want to keep going. I don’t get off the porch much these days but when I do…I want to be somewhat respectable. Hahaha

I can hold my own still to a point. If I can maintain the status quo I will consider it a win.


Sounds good @Poppy

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Lets go! :muscle:


Your favorite son whom we all love may be super conservative when it comes to gear (obviously not politics :joy:), but he knows inside with his healthcare experience that the GH will help tremendously and even more so as a newly to it with someone who is over the age of 55.

That cycle of Mast, Test, GH, etc. will do great and you might surprise yourself more so than what you’re thinking you’ll gain out of this.

But I’m just a positive guy and try hard to not be a pessimist or surround myself with pessimists.


I assume @Poppy that HGH,is the only thing your running,that you havent ran before…

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Everything else will stay steady.

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And nothing new

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Brother…if I can gain anything…I will be extremely happy.

Probably the hgh newbie gains is what I’m hoping for. Find a good place with it and if all goes well, maybe continue until further notice.


I am too although my work place is full of whiny ass complainers.


When I started on HGH a couple years ago I started with around 2ius and I couldn’t believe how much better I looked immediately. It brought out vascularity and details. I looked pumped all the time. And the best part was I recovered much faster in between workouts. On a clean diet you really see the fat loss.


Same!! It’s amazing how much people complain about shit and others and then don’t stop to take a look in the mirror.